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To use or not to use: Assertions   Leave a comment

Difficulty: easy moderate challenging Too many times I found out that programmers rarely and somewhat incorrectly use assertions. Hopefully this quick guide will help you understand how to avoid being one of those. As a rule of thumb, a programmer needs to put guards around his code to take into account inappropriate input and act accordingly. Sometimes, he might run into corrupted data from the network, invalid input from your user, or even getting his objects into unintended states. All of these should be somehow guarded against. He can use if statements accompanied with return, exit, pop-up alerts, throwing exception, or working around those issues. But, sometimes, these guards can be redundant, excessive, and not likely to happen in real life. Read the rest of this entry »


Symbolication (or how to analyze Apple’s crash logs) under the hood   Leave a comment

Difficulty: easy moderate challenging

If you ever have experienced crashes of your app and would like to fix them, you would like to be able to analyze crashes.

Crashes that happen on the same Mac you are compiling are automatically being intercepted, interpreted, and displayed using GDB.
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Posted October 7, 2010 by Ohad Kravchick (myok12) in iOS Programming

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